Tidal change in Tamil Nadu: DMK sent packing

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The sickening stench of money and political power has subsided.

Crores of 2G money distributed surreptitiously through ambulances and jeeps by the ruling DMK regime have come to nought.

The people of Tamil Nadu have in one huge swipe swept aside the merchants of power and given Jayalalalitha’s alliance a victory.

Even J. Jayalalitha hadn’t expected such a landslide, it would seem.

Responding to her mighty win, she has said that it was a victory of the people of Tamil Nadu.

It is indeed thrilling to think how lakhs of voting judges have all in one voice delivered the sentence on the crooks who ruled in the name of democracy.

The DMK, the party that has Duty, Integrity and Discipline as its watchwords (Kadamai, Kanniyam and Kattupaadu), showed that it follows these mottos only in siphoning off the money of the people.

There have been instances of dynastic rule in the past…Only the DMK’s first family could make it Dy’Nasty’ rule.

The family was coming to have a share in every pie (pun intended) in Tamil Nadu…whether it was satellite telecast, movie biz or housing. This is perhaps the logical conclusion to its leader’s alleged career of ‘of scientific corruption’ (thanks to Justice Sarkaria for the expression).

As a person deeply interested in the destiny of the Tamil people, I salute J. Jayalalitha for fighting the loot combine tooth and nail.

I also express my gratitude to Vijaykanth for aligning with Jayalalitha in the common interest of the people of the state :the decimation of the looters of public wealth

People of Tamil Nadu…you have meted out justice…please follow up what you did at the hustings with action in the social sphere also. Create a society that is based on love and kindness.

This is the state when every house had a pyol (thinnai). This is the state which served people with free distribution of water (thanneer Pandhal). Let us bring consideration and compassion for others to the centrestage of life.


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