Kushboo, Vadivelu and the DMK : the next tamasha

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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After the great debacle of the DMK, the chief spokesperson of the party in English channels is Madame Kushboo.

The empty windbag has been shooting her fast mouth left and right answering charges against the DMK. When the charge of large-scale money distribution was brought up, she even managed to pay tribute to the wisdom of the Tamil Nadu voter who had just kicked her and her party out of the Tamil Nadu landscape. Do you think they are fools to be bowled over with money, she asked!

They why the hell was the DMK shooting wads of notes at people much to the vexation of the election commission which rued the state of affairs created by the ruling party in Tamil Nadu.? The facility with which these faded starlets can juggle their cards! It makes one want to throw up.

Now, can we expect Vadivelu to become the chief spokes-buffoon of the party, at least to regale the Tamil media? Vadivelu, and the extra (at least in the political cinema of Tamil Nadu) whom he used to called Kusuppooh (no pun meant at all) would make a great pair defending the DMK. The limelight that Kushboo and Vadivelu shared during the election campaign should be continued after the debacle.

Then it will be the next big joke after the tamasha created over Semmozhi Tamizh.


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