In Subramanya Bharati’s verion of Panchali Sabatham, Duryodhana is made to say the following lines:

‘’A separate justice for rulers
And another for the common folk
So legislated the great master Brihaspathi…’’

(Mannarkku Needhi Oru Murai – Mattra
Maandharkku Needhi Oru Murai…Endru
Sonna Vizhaazha Munivaani….)..

It is uttered by Duryodhana when he lambasts his father for suggesting that he should return the kingdom that he has usurped from the Pandavas.

Despite the great Consitution given by India’s leading lights, it was
Duryodhana Raj all through till now.

Politicians were a separate lot.

Whatever be the enormity of their sin, of looting millions and millions of public money even as ordinary people continued to live substandard lives…they were the special lot..the ones who could always get away with murder.

But with the preliminaryl arrest of Kanimozhi, former chief minister M. Karunanidhi’s daughter…in the 2G scam the bell has finally begun to toll for the special gang.

The astonishing thing is that ‘honorable’ advocates of the supremest court of India, like Harish Salve and ‘Aryaman’ Sundaram (to Arnab on Times Now) have been saying or suggesting that bail should not have been denied to Kanimozhi…and even for Raja. (Just a few days back their brother advocate Jethmalani made a killing of perhaps a few crores arguing for Kanimozhi’s bail…He was in Germany when he reacted with amusement to the news of Kanimozhi’s arrest…)

”They are not dangereous criminals who are going to run away. Convict them..” these chaps are saying.

These are the guys…I have lost all respect for them…who have been witness to a libertarian India where it takes generations for a criminal to be convicted…

The arrest of Raja and Kanimozhi in the 2G case, and that purely because of the supervision of the Supreme Court has immense symbolic value for resurgent India.

It should send shivers down the spine of politicians and set a new paradigm for India.

Forget characters like Salve who make millions by chopping logic and the law…. A new India needs to rise…Salaam Supreme Court…Your sense of justice is giving birth to a new India.

The age-old adage is – Like King, like subject. When the rulers are punished for their crimes…the ordinary man will think a thousand times before breaking the law. Salve and co want the rule of the law (which has till now meant rule of the outlaw and men like Salve). I want the rulers to follow the law…and when they don’t, to be made to follow the law. Thus will the new India be made. This is a new beginning…however shaky its foundations may be.

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