India’s Independence day and Sri Aurobindo’s birthday

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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On my country’s Independence day which is also Sri Aurobindo’s birthday, I want to write something but don’t know what.

If I love India, it is not only because it is my country. I think it is special. It is special because its great men and women thought not for themselves but for all mankind.

The basic questions about existence that the ancient rishis asked, as for example what is the one thing after knowing which everything else becomes known apply to everyone of us. Their discoveries apply to everyone.

The Buddha left the palace not just to solve his problems, but the problem of suffering that all creatures face.

Sri Aurobindo too, noble soul, gave up everything to explore the possibilities of life divine on earth.

I won’t say anything about his yoga or its aims. I just look up to him as a child looks up to its father, or a little brother to his elder.

But at the heart of all striving is the quest for the happiness of all.

On India’s birthday, I consecrate myself to this land because its rishis made it the beacon to the world.

I draw inspiration from Sri Aurobindo and say Vande Maataram along with him.

I believe that ultimately it is the blessings of the great souls that strode this land are the rulers of its destiny.

Even our bodies are a trust given to us..what to say of the power or influence that is given to us to exercise.

Let us live great lives of joy and right understanding and make poverty and discriminatioin things of the past.

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