Jesus and Bharatanatyam

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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If Jesus was just another great mystic who taught the path of love and that the kingdom of god is within you, then there would be nothing wrong in making him the theme of Bharatanatyam.

 But when you make Jesus the centre of a hegemonic religion, founder of an MNC that is going to cannibalize other ways of life, then I  have a right to criticise you for misappropriating a dance form that has flowered in my land.

 Arey, if you are so special  retain your speciality. Don’t try to fool others by showing a Jesus with his forehead smeared with ashes or sporting a tilak (the cross with the exclusive patent for salvation having been hidden somewhere).

 This is the information age and the ‘Veeramanunivar’ trick of an Italian missionary passing himself off as a Hindu sage while covertly seeking converts to an Abrahamic dogma will not cut ice.

 The dollar- powered conversion spree has reached the stage when it is not satisfied with converting Hindus. It wants to convert Hinduism itself as well as Bharatanatyam.

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