Morari Bapu answers charges in Aap ki Adaalat – Part Two

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Second part of Transcript by Vamanan of Morari Bapu’s ‘trial’ in Aap ka Adaalat

(The next charge against Morari Bapu)

The charge against Morari Bapu is that he indulged in publicity stunts to promote himself.

Rajat Sharma – Morari Bapu..You have popularized Ram Katha…Whether you accept it or not, this is true. But many people say that in order to popularize Ram Katha you indulged in different kinds of stunts. To give you an example. Like you did Ram Katha in a flying plane.

Morari Bapu – People surely could have thought that way. But is was not a stunt that I was engaged in. There is a verse of Tulsi. If you permit me I shall sing it..(Rajat Sharma – Please do)

Unche hu Raghupati Kathaa Prasangaa

Sakala loak jab Paavani Gangaa..

Tulsi’s Ram Katha is the Ganga that purifies the three worlds.

When people get married in airplanes, society has no problem about it. There are clubs in luxury steamers. People eat things that should not be eaten, drink things that should not be drunk. Nobody has any problem about that. Culture sinks and lack of culture rises. But nobody has any problem about all that. People travel in airplanes with their families and tour the world. Nobody finds any problem. But if we take religious people, people who are not indulging in any thing wrong, and go in steamers or airplanes and sing the Ramayana for them..they talk about publicity. I am saying this from my heart, in the presence of this court, you and the respectable judge, that there was no question of any publicity in my mind. Even in their absence, in the presence of the Ramayana, I say that there was no hankering of publicity in conducting the event. It was my natural inclination. It is absolutely wrong to thing that I had to indulge in such publicity stunts to go from an audience of three to three lakh. It was only another ghat in the course of the stream of the Ganga. And I say that I have never done anything in my life for publicity. I have come to this Aap ki Adalat not for publicity, but for the love you have shown me.

Rajat Sharma – You say that it’s no big deal to do Ram Katha in ships or planes. That they were not publicity stunts. But when you did Ram Katha at Kailash Mansarovar many journalists wrote about it. There was a lot of talk.

Morari Bapu – There is nothing new in what I did. It is said that Katha is going on continuously in the peaks of Kailash. It is the faith of our spiritual world that Bhagwan Shiva is continuously instructing Parvati there. Kailash in the original stage of Ram Katha. But jivas don’t get to go there. If through God’s grace we get to go up to Mansarovar and do parayana and sing the Manas for nine days there, it is no new path that I am taking. It is a Shiv Parampara that I am humbly following.

Rajat Sharma – That’s okay Morari Bapu, but it is said that instead of Ram Katha you spoke about Ravan their (audience titters).

Morari Bapu –No…I spoke about Ravan at Raakshas Thaal. That is a different place in the Himalayas. It is the place where Ravan used to do penance. And (remember), even Ravan is considered to be an avatar in the Ramcharitmanas. He has been considered to be a Mahatma. Any individual has to be understood all dimensions. Then you have to look at him from all angles. There is a big account of Ravan in the Manas. Just as I do Katha under many subjects, I took up Ravan too on the basis of the Manas. That too is nothing new.

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