An eternity of evanescence

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 Pranava Pravaaham – The Surge of Aum – Verse 8

Tamil poem by Kavignar Perumal Rasu

Illustratrion – Bhadrachalam Ram temple -by Kavignar Perumal Rasu 

English rendering by Vamanan 

How many breaths does a rainbow take?

How many sallies does a butterfly make?

How many times does the breeze blow before the flower drops down on the mud?

How many  times does a deer die before dying in a tiger’s jaws?

Why has it got to be this way , My Lord, why this way?

Why has every embodiment got to be extinguished, My Lord?

Why has every wave to lapse into the sea?

Why has every glorious twilight got to give way to enshrouding darkness?

My throat is hoarse, My Lord, with asking you questions, Why why why?

The revolving stage of this worldly drama never stops, and never do I come back home with an answer from your theatre.

Take me in your arms, Dramatist Supreme, Omniscient Orchestrator, for I have grown tired asking questions of you.


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