A call from the mirages of time

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Pranava Pravaaham – The Surge of Aum

Verse 9 of Tamil poem by Kavignar Perumal Rasu

Sketch of Ram Janmabhoomi temple – Kavignar Perumal Rasu 

English rendering by Vamanan

I swum in mirages and lived in castles in the air and walked down the shores of nowhere.
Flying on flickers of smiles, I sank in suggestions of disapproval.
A glimmer of youth here and a glistening of beauty there shackled my soul.
I set out to make lasting mementos of dewdrops that flicker and fall at a wink, and came back with lasting trophies of hot tears.
Roaming down the dinghy lanes of lost verses, I  juggled with empty words. All the grains that I threshed  proved to be nothing but chaff.
The mansions that I thought were mine have vanished from the face of the earth. My city is lost, my worlds gone like some pale vista in a forgotten dream.
Tired I am of all the games that I have played. I have won some, lost some, but gone is the eagerness for sport.  Fatigued and forlorn I rest in your arms, My Lord, my only refuge.

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