Sri Aurobindo’s message on Aug. 15

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Mahatma Gandhi may have been declared (where?) as the father of the nation, but Sri Aurobindo believed that the fact that India’s Independence Day fell on August 15, his birthday, had spiritual significance.


At the request of All India Radio, Sri Aurobindo  sent a message which was broadcast on Aug. 14, 1947.

The first point Sri Aurobindo made was that the ‘coincidence’ of  the date of Independence with his own birthday was not chance, but a mark of the ‘sanction and seal of the Divine Power’ that guided his steps.

Sri Aurobindo then went on to list his dreams and predict their achievement.

He had dreamed on a free India and it had become a reality. As part of that dream was his vision of a united India. It must and will be achieved, he wrote.


His second dream was that of a resurgent Asia with India playing a leading role.

The third dream was that for a ‘world union, forming the outer basis of a fairer brighter and nobler life for all mankind’.

The fourth dream was about India’s gift of spiritual knowledge to the world.

The fifth and consummating dream was that of a step in evolution which would raise man to a higher and larger consciousness (this, he knew, would begin the solution to the problems and perplexities that beset him since he began to think).

While Mother India is surely making her spiritual presence felt all over the world, it is a great sadness that here in India forces inimical to her innate genius are working against her.

How else would you explain, for instance, Assam being inundated with Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh and the so-called national party encouraging the infiltration as part of its vote-bank politics?

While one can be sure that the tapas of India’s Mahatmas protects her in every way, its citizens too have to stand by their nation and serve it as best as they can. For India is not just a country, it is a civilization, it is a culture, it is a spiritual hope for the entire world.

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    A good reminder of the legacy that forgot history’s lessons. Sri Aurobindo’sInsights on the political situation in India can be read on