Delhi gang rape and the gang that rapes the law

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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On the heels of the national awakening over the horrible Delhi gang rape case, former top cop and present-day Anna activist Kiran Bedi has suggested expeditious police investigation and trial.

 While it’s true that that’s essential, what prevents the rapist or his perhaps powerful relatives bribing the police or even the lower judiciary? In corrupt India this is a quite likely possibility.

 India is supposed to be a democracy, and till the ones at the top of the democratic structure, the political leaders show the will to give the people an incorruptible rule of law, nothing’s going to change.

 The eternal principle is ‘Yatha Raaja Thaatha Prajaa’…Like King, like subjects. The subjects cannot be expected to be Harishchandras when the rulers are a pack of  crooked liars.

 The tragedy of India is that we have political leaders who are 2Gs and 2 square and four square Gs. If Gandhi is the father of this nation, then these chaps don’t seem to be his legitimate offspring.

 Such misrule by political interlopers fooling the people in the name of language, religion, caste and ideology is not likely to give us justice at all.

 There is some awakening among the people but it needs to crystallize and throw up leaders who live by truth rather than by political expediency. It may be decades before India inches to some sense of justice. 


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