Jesus, Paul and how the spirit of children went for a walk

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Found the very ‘Christian’ Idea in Robert Bolt’s Man for all Seasons, that man has been created by god to serve  him in the wit and tangle and cunning of his mind.

Of course, Jesus had the very different idea that men could be like children and also that only those with the spirit of children can enter the kingdom of god.

But after Paul few were interested in that. The Xians set about making a web of dogma to buttress their church; lies, forgeries, anything would do as long as you were advancing the ‘faith’.

The faith is of course a very exclusive dogma that Jesus is the only son of god. That he rose from death. And so on. 

When you have such dogmas you try to tell other people that their religions are false and they must subscribe to Churchianity.


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