Mother’s first visit to Pondicherry

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March 29, 1914. Sri Aurobindo waited for his European guest in the afternoon at ‘The Guest House’, a large one storey house on Rue Francois Martin in Pondicherry that formed the centre of his spiritual retreat.


 Mirra Alfassa, along with her husband Paul Antoine Richard, a French citizen who was seeking election to the French Senate from Pondicherry, was lodged at ‘Hotel de Europe’.

 As she made her way up the staircase, Sri Aurobindo emerged from the room and quietly stood at the top of the stairs.

 Mirra was immediately able to see that this was the dark Asiatic figure that she had called Krishna in her visions.

 Of Jewish extraction, Mirra Alfassa was born in Paris and began to have ‘spiritual’ experiences even as a child. At 12, she was practicing occultism and claimed to be travelling out of her body.

She married at the age of  19 and had a male child. She divorced and married again at 32, and made her journey to Pondicherry with her husband tracing their way through Geneva, Japan, Colombo, Dhanushkodi and Villuppuram (To raise money for the trip, one-fourth of Mirra’s small fortune had to be sold).

 ‘‘At the sight of Sri Aurobindo, she aspired for a total cessation of all mental moulds. She did not speak a word, nor did he; she just sat at his feet and closed her eyes, keeping her mind open to him. After a while there came, from above, an intimate silence and settled in her mind’’.

 The next day, Mirra wrote in her diary : ‘‘It matters not if there are hundreds of beings plunged in the densest ignorance. He whom we saw yesterday is on earth: His presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall be transformed into light, when Thy reign shall be indeed established upon earth’’.

 The irony, however, was that World War I would keep Mirra away from Pondicherry for another four years. After Sri Aurobindo withdrew for deeper yogic sadhana on November 24, 1926, the Ashram would be started! Mirra would be The Mother….and what a home she made for spiritual aspirants….what directions she showed…what occult dimensions she unveiled!!

 As Sri Aurobindo described Savitri in his spiritual odyssey, ‘‘Her spirit opened to the Spirit in all, Her nature felt all Nature as its own, Apart living within, all lives she bore, Aloof she carried in herself the world…..’’

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