Can Abrahamic religions have respect for people of other religions?

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I had a chance meeting with a Muslim gentleman in the bus.

Walking together for some distance, we exchanged some thoughts about our respective religions with utmost friendliness and calm.

He was a gracious gentleman, but had this to say about people of other religions, especially Hindus.

He quoted the Quran saying, People who worship other gods don’t have sight, they have no hearing.

The implication was that at most, the sentiment that the Muslim can have about the Hindus is pity!

The irony of the matter is that the Muslim gentleman is a tourist guide and had, just a day to two earlier, guided a Russian couple around a Hindu temple!

He also agreed that it is Hindus alone who have respect for other religions.

This is exactly the reason why we must protect Hinduism and while not coming in the way of religious freedom, take strong action against campaigns for religious conversion of Hindus.

While the mainstream media and English educated Hindus frown upon Hinduism because of shortsightedness, it is only the Hindu religion that is a guarantee for religious pluralism.

We must not allow this respect for other religions to be misused, while at the same time ensuring that inequalities in the Hindu fold are done away with.

  1. Raji Muthukrishnan says:

    Our level of religious tolerance is really high, no doubt. Arises from our secure knowledge that nothing can destroy the Hindu way of life.