Vasudeva Sarvam – The divine presence everywhere

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Vamanan

In the flowering of the day and the deepening darkness of the night, in the pink shoots that paint the trees red and the withered leaves that tire of being swept by the wind and yearn for the embrace of the earth, in all the great beginnings and endings, My Lord, I see your smile and signature. And in all that was and wasn’t you were and are, the fullness beyond Time, the never-ending plenitude.

O Lord, how you permeate and envelop all the disparate things of the world, holding them in the unifying embrace of your grace! I see your smile in the lowly hut and the magnificent mansion, in the street urchin and the child in the lap of luxury…You are asking me to rid the world of all disparity by seeing your presence everywhere.

It was then that I heard your voice equally, O Lord, in the shrieks of the suffering, the tenderness of the compassionate and the mocking laughter of the callous….it was then that I saw your rapturous dance everywhere, in pain, suffering and happiness!

Let this last, My Lord, this vision of your ubiquitous presence, lest I lose my way in the quagmires of duality.

Visual courtesy -

Visual courtesy –

(Transcreated from the Pranava Pravaaham of Kavignar Perumal Rasu)


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