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Oh with what eloquence US President Obama announces the killing of Al -Qaeda leader Bin Laden!

Oh the determination and resoluteness the US intelligence agencies have shown in their pursuit of their aim — capture of the 9/11 perpetrator.

Oh the pusillnanimity of the Indian government in dealing with the Pakistani murderers who unleashed Bombay on us!

Oh the mercy petition that hangs in the balance for aeons in the case of the attack on the Indian Parliament!

Mother India sheds bloody tears at the unavenged war that was visited on our financial capital.

India hangs its head in shame that the savage attack on its Parliament is not being brought to its logical and just end.

The US, whatever be its other faults and hegemonic ends at least behaves as a proud nation.

India, whatever its great traditions of peace, of Buddha and Gandhi, slouches in the shadows like a eunuch, incapable of action.

Klaibyam Maa Sma Gamaha..Paartha…
Na Ethath Tvayi Upapadhyathe…
Kshudhram Hridya Daurbalyam Tyaktva
Uththishta Paranthapa…

‘’O Scorcher of foes..Don’t succumb to impotence…This does not befit you. Get rid of your weakness of heart and stand up…’’ Krishna said this to our own warrior of warriors, Arjuna.

But the only one who seems to have taken Krishna’s call is the Australian Julian Assange.

Are Indians then a spent force?

Will ever our Arjunas, Ashokas and Ramas rise?

Leaving criminal wrongs unpunished is not a quest for peace…it is the murder of justice.

India, Stand up…Punish those who harass your people. Otherwise you are a nation only in name.


Kudos to NDTV and Prannoy Roy for the interview with Wikileaks wizard Julian Assange.

Assange is the sun of Transparency….. Assange is Prometheus Unbound….the man who has brought the fire of exposure from the Mounts of power. Assange is the typhoon that exterminates the hypocrisies of the high and mighty.

But one cannot fail to notice the contrast between Wikileaks and NDTV.

While Wikileaks has been the sun of knowledge and is deeply independent, NDTV has been deeply partisan.

That deep partisanship came into the open when Barkha Dutt was found fixing things with the powers that (try to) be.

As such the interview with Assange exposes the channels attempts to show itself up as being on the side of whistleblowing Wikileaks.

It was a wikileaks-like exposure with the Radia tapes that put the channel’s Barkha in a spot.

The contrast between Wikileaks and NDTV is evident. Wikileaks is Wiki-avalanche while NDTV is almost like a party organ. It is a story of missed opportunities…of misplaced values. Let NDTV kick out its partisanship and make the clear voices of untrammelled life resound in the channel, as indeed they sometimes do. Let that be a gift from Assange.