The uses of adultery?

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
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“Polygamy, a powerful solution to meet the love of God,” says The Global Ikhwan polygamy Club which was opened on October 2009 in Bandung (West Java).

An ‘Adultery Club’ has been formed in citycitybungbang state…the purpose is to promote the moral value of adultery.

Even if you go by the commandment that adultery is immoral, then the practice of adultery makes one learn that moral by experience. That is why adultery itself is moral, say the clubs promoters who seek to be anonymous, as they want to be left free to practice their religion.

Yes, they want to raise adultery to the level of a religion. Their argument is that saints have made religions what they are, and as all saints (or at least most of them) have had a past (euphemism for adultery), adultery is the pathway to religious beatitude.

As adulterers are in a constant state of stress, they are in continuous contemplation of God to rid them of that stress, say the club’s officebearers.

They are also advancing the argument that adultery is the natural state of all creatures…and mostly of all adults. The club is however keeping its membership open even to non-adults in the hope that they too will become adults and enjoy the benefits of adulterism…which word they prefer to adultery because of the muck that has stuck to the latter word. They however are sticking to the name Adultery Club because they don’t want to be mistaken as regards their high moral purpose.

The club has laid down many stringent rules, which are its hallowed commandments. The members of the Adultery club are not allowed to engage in intra-club adultery (the club abhors the use of the word indulge), for the express reasont that they want them to spread the message to non-members of the world-wide club.


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