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I am no lawyer, but the responses and reactions of the central government coming out in the media in the ‘permission to prosecute Raja case’ are laughable and pathetic.

First was the kneejerk reaction of booting out the solicitor general for not having represented the PM’s case properly, followed by the drafting of the attorney general.

Then came the pathetic certificate given by law minister Moily that solicitor general Gopal Subramaniam was a brilliant lawyer nonetheless (then why was the media constantly being fed reports about the dissatisfaction of the PMO with the defence he had put up).

Finally emerged the pooh-poohing of Subramaniam Swamy. ‘He has no locus standi’. ‘Manmohan need not have replied to him at all’. ‘He could have simply dispatch Swamy’s missives to the WPB’.

If indeed Swamy was nobody why was the supreme court seized of the matter? Why were the SC judges passing unprecedented comments?

One only sees varying levels of hardheartedness and calculation. There is no inspiration in any of the responses.

Morari Bapu live at Grishneshwar….(one of the jyotir lingas of Shiva, near Aurangabad, Maharashtra)

Hindu philosophical thinking recognises direct perception (pratyaksha), inference (anumana) and sastraic testimony (shabda) as the means of knowing.

When it comes to God, our sight is weak.

When it comes to God, our means of reasoning and inference are feeble.

So most of us have to depend on religious texts or the testimony of sages….

Vamanan reflection:

Believe in any book, but don’t disbelieve your humanity…don’t hate your fellow men on the basis of religion, nationality, language, region or caste… ‘‘Man..Stand Up…There is no book bigger than ye!’’

The problem of believing in one particular book is the problem of religious bigotry.

I have great regard for Morari Bapu for his true spiritual feeling, humility and great music.

Political forensic experts are closely scrutinizing ‘resigned’ telecom minister A. Raja’s ministerial chair to figure out the extraordinary adhesion he achieved with it.

Their preliminary studies have found that the impugned bonding agent was a many layered super-glue that consisted of scam kickbacks, goondagiri, loopholes of coalition politics, Dravidian sloganeering, Dalit positioning and tangled personal relationships.

Though much of the super adhesive had stuck to Raja’s spotless dhoti as well as ample posterior when he prised himself out of the chair for good last Sunday, the experts gleaned vestiges of the substance and quickly sent it for tests including DNA fingerprinting.

The above scrappy report is based on initial findings. They only go to strengthen general public perceptions about the telecom scam.

Speaking about the factors that led to Telecom minister A Raja’s quitting, ND TV’s Barkha Dutt, enumerates the following reasons :

1. CAG report indictment
2. former DoT secretary Mathur coming out against Raja
3. the relentless opposition pressure.

She deliberately leaves out AIADMK leader Jayalalitha’s offer to the Cong-I to support the UPA government in case the DMK withdraws the support of its 28 MPs over action against Raja. This did play a crucial role in bringing the Raja case to a head.

DID Barkha leave out this important factor because Jayalalalitha made her offer over ND TV rival Times Now?

Should media competition make journalists hide facts?

From Poes Garden, Jayalalitha has quietly fired a Brahmastra on the DMK through her favourite channel Times Now (except Jaya TV of course).

One has to wait to see all its effects, but it will hit at least 2G Raja. Already, his party leader is saying that he will go through the CAG report! For politicians discretion is always the better part of valour.

Whether Jayalalitha’s offer of support to the Congress will heal the wounds created by earlier astras fired at the Congress president, one cannot say. I always wonder whether there is space at the top for two women.

But whatever the result, Jaya can claim to have scalped a Mega scam. If risk-taking is one of the qualities of a winner, she indeed has shown she can take risks.

On a day of celebration and enjoyment like Deepavali, when people pamper themselves with new clothes and sweets, I would like to emphasise an aspect of Indian culture called ‘denial’ (or self-denial).

Of course it has nothing to do with the denials that come from politicians and corrupt bureaucrats and (now alas) army generals about their culpability till they are caught red-handed.

I am talking about the denial which India has been famous for since time immemorial.

The denial that made the father of the nation trek in Noakhali when Nehru was on Red fort…the denial that made prosperous lawyers like Rajaji live in huts in nondescript villages. The denial that made the one and only Indian governor general of India wash his own clothes.

I am talking of the denial that made thousands of poorly paid teachers give off their best for their students.

This is the denial that is implied in the cliché plain living and high thinking.

There is a space within us that grows with denial.

There is a space inside us that cannot be filled with things.

The more this space expands the more we realize that worldly things cannot fill it.

It is this space in which the worlds swim…it is this space that fills all the worlds!

And there is only one way you can expand that space…by realizing that new cars and new gadgets and new women cannot fill it…they might end up shrivelling it!

One of the names of the earth is Vasumathi…she who is full of treasures. And especially in times of economic upswing, she releases great riches.

Brutish natures don’t know what to do with plenty…they gorge themselves to their own detriment. They sell their lives for lucre and wander like lost souls in the glistening garbage dumps of false values.

What does one do when one is amidst plenty? Realise at least the principle of diminishing returns that works in our lives. The more you switch on the AC, the less you come to feel it!

With denying oneself of things that don’t belong to us, comes the sense of responsibility.

Know that the city that nourishes you has to be nourished and protected not only for the present but for the future.

The wisdom of India talked of the responsibilities that rest on every man…his duty to his ancestors (read heritage), his duty to the gods (read environment), his duty to his brethren, and his duty to himself.

There is a great deal to be done other than sharing the spoils of ill-begotten wealth.

Self-denial is the pivotal Ashoka chakra that will take our lives forward. It is the secret talisman for the future India…because it was the secret mantra that made India realize the immortality of life…Mrityor ma armritam gamaya…

Those who thus enter the world of denial know that denial is in fact not denial, but the greatest affirmation of the infinite possibilities of man.

On the day of lights, let this realization dawn upon my countrymen that it is they who have to illuminate the lights…the lights outside are only of the symbol of the lights within.